About us

An elite playground soaked in prestige and exclusivity, GCC is located in GIFT city, Gandhinagar, just 12kms from the commercial hub of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

This premium business club is the perfect space to unwind, form friendships and cement business deals amid elegant surroundings. One of the Centre’s most stunning feature is the fantastic view offered that allows members to take meetings in a more relaxed setting.

Though GCC is determined to provide an oasis from the often hectic business lifestyle, it is equally committed to creating a space for networking. Our members can use the several corporate spaces as an office during the day, take a break for meals and mocktails at our trendy restaurants and attend social events organised at the Centre at night. Looking forward, members can expect GCC to play a crucial role in the local professional community, as we help foster connections beyond swapping basic resume and profile information by providing meaningful and tailored networking experiences.

Members also get access to our network of affiliated clubs and institutions for some high-class mingling across the globe.